Testimonials From Our Wonderful Adopters

Time for us to hand over to our wonderful adopters to share their stories on welcoming their new family members into their homes.  From seeing a picture of them on our site, to meeting them at the shelter and everything in between.  A big thank you from us at Benafim Dogs for sharing your stories with us.


Rosie came to us in June 2021 alongside her sister Anna. Both had been abandoned in the Algarve and were living on the streets.  Rosie was the shyer sister with humans and very protective of her sister.  She also was the sicker one but after successful treatment of heartworm, lots of love and care from us, Rosie now lives with Angie, Jules and canine brother Max in the Algarve.

“Benafim dog rescue was recommended by a close friend. We have previously adopted a number of rescue dogs including our GSD Max. It was important that he got along with Rosie, our prospective new canine friend and they were gently introduced at the centre, given time and allowed to settle with each other. Success!
The whole adoption process is carefully managed. Louise runs the Facebook and Instagram sites and communication was excellent; great care is taken to match the adopters with the right dog. We were met at the shelter by Patricia, who has the kindest and most caring heart. She is a canine warrior, devoted to dogs and knowing the thirty or so under her care so well. They are all well cared for in clean and secure runs. They are clearly happy and all delighted to see Patricia. They have daily walks and regular wholesome meals, veterinary treatment as required and if they share their pens do so with friends. Safe and secure, the environment is one in which the dogs are absolutely thriving. They are loved and only allowed to go to homes where they will be equally loved. We can only hope the centre survives and thrives as it and the people who give their lives to it deserve.” Angie and Jules


Kai came to Benafim Dogs in 2020 after spending many years in Portimao municipal kennel. Many of his friends around him got adopted before Kai but we never stopped hoping and doing everything we could to find him his very special home.  That day did come and he lives in a wonderfully loving home in the Algarve with two cheeky brothers who he idolises and loves his walks in the countryside, helping his Dad fix the car and all his wonderful cuddles and play time with his Mum.

“We had been looking for a dog to adopt for a while, we joined quite a few adoption / shelters etc and Benafim stood out as I loved the pics and the way that the dogs were interacted with on a daily basis. I messaged and got an appointment to go and see Louise at the shelter. I potentially had two dogs in mind, Tom and Kai. When we turned up and met Louise, she was lovely, so friendly and welcoming. We went to the kennels and saw Tom and Kai . We got Kai out and instantly I had a connection with him! We then made an arrangement for Louise to bring him out and meet B&J who were the neighbour’s dogs, that we had just nursed to health from heartworm and Kai was a dream, within two days we wanted him. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend Benafim Dogs to anyone looking for an adoptive dog and it’s run very professionally. Louise keeps in touch and each week we have a lovely post to see how all dogs are doing! I’m really glad we went and please do not ever disregard older dogs for adoption as they all need a locking caring home, which Kai has now got. Thank you Louise and everyone at the shelter for making it possible xx” Sharon and Colin


Alex came to Benafim Dogs in 2020 after spending many years in Portimao municipal kennel. His special day came when his super Mummy and Daddy saw his photo on a rehoming site and came to meet him. Alex now lives in the Algarve with his brother Sir Patches and his super parents.

“We already had adopted a 2yr old male dog in 2020 and we felt it would be nice to get him a friend. We started looking online on various adoption sites and came across Benafim Dogs on Facebook. We immediately felt in love with Alex but Alex had some quirks:) could be dominant of other dogs and not share his food, so we put him on our “watch list” and continued our search…but our hearts kept coming back to Alex. July 2021, we decided to give it a try and both Louise and Patricia were outstanding in guiding, counseling and being patient with the entire trial process. Never putting pressure on us as their ultimate goal was to ensure Alex would fit in our home and both dogs would get along. Alex was a sweetheart from day one, never had an accident and was never food aggressive nor dominant of our other dog perhaps he knew mummy was the boss, lol but we gave them plenty time to adjust and know each other before we committed. After almost a month on trial, we became Alex’s forever family. After 4 months with us, Alex is flourishing and everyday he is more and more comfortable with us and learning how to play with his brother. He is very cuddly and absolutely loves the comfort of his fluffy beds; yes, he has more than one:) and why not? Alex lived for 3 years in the municipal kennel and although he was well treated, he didn’t have the love and comfort of a home. We are absolutely delighted to be part of his pack:) He is such a mummy’s boy ❤️ We can highly recommend Benafim Dog Rescue to anyone that is considering adopting a dog. They do an outstanding job with the dogs and give you support all throughout and after the adoption process.” Sandra and Anthony

Jean (now Bonzo)

Jean came to Benafim Dogs in 2020 after spending many years in Portimao municipal kennel. Jean, with his infectious smile, happy personality and love of toys and food captured Jayne and John’s hearts – we don’t blame them! Newly named Bonzo, a name to which he responds to, now lives in a loving home in the Algarve, he continues to bury his toys (not so discreetly) and continues to smile, but even more so than before.

“We have had Bonzo for a month now and it feels like he has always been our dog. He is so loyal and protective and loving, he is such a lovely natured dog. It’s lovely seeing him relax into himself, he makes us laugh every day. Thank you Benafim dogs for all your help and support. We hope all your other dogs find lovely forever homes too.” Jayne and John


Maya was rescued from the area local to the shelter in February 2020.  She was terrified of humans and many, many things.  After 17 months of patience, love and care Maya was spotted by a wonderful couple who live further north in Portugal. Maya now lives with her brother Barney, a rescue greyhound and becomes braver, cheekier and funnier every single day.

“Just want to say how fantastic Benafim Dogs are. Lee, Patricia & Louise are so caring, little Maya was so lucky to have been looked after so well and supported to trust and interact with humans.” Moira Summerfield


Kyra came to Benafim Dogs in 2020 after spending many years in Portimao municipal kennel.  It was immediately obvious she had at one time been in a home and just craved human company and to be in a loving home where she could really share her affectionate personality with her family.  Kyra caught the eyes and hearts of Shirley and Brian who live in the UK, fast forward a few months, all three are the perfect, happy family.

“Having lost our pet house rabbit some two years ago Shirley said to me, one day, “Brian, I have found a lovely Facebook page suggested by Karen, from Portugal. It has pictures and videos of beautiful dogs who fell on hard times. I want to help a rescued dog.”  I looked over my reading glasses and replied, “No!”  You see my family have had dogs since I was a baby and the last five years the house has been quiet apart from the creaking of the floorboards cooling in the night and the gutters cracking as the house cools.

Anyway Shirley trawled the pictures on Benafim Facebook page month after month searching for her ideal dog companion.  Then one day she said, “Look this dog is called Kyra. Isn’t she beautiful? ”  I glanced over and swiftly returned to my Portuguese homework.  “She is lovely. Don’t you just want to make her happy forever? ” Shirley was almost crying with anticipation.  So I gave her the answer she wanted, “Oh yes.”

Months passed and having agreed to adopt Kyra we found ourselves at the pick up just off the M25 in a service station. Her documents all checked out and here we were entering a new phase of life. All play, throwing balls, relearning the stages of understanding our new companion and she learning to understand us and, of course, Kyra learning English as well.

Everything has gone so smoothly so far. I have spent countless hours grooming Kyra. I guess all a part of bonding. Shirley learned the pain of tripping over Kyra twice.  It’s only been 10 days and she feels like she has been here for years. Her zooming around our garden is very entertaining. Perhaps she is reliving her puppyhood.  She is totally house trained and has settled in to a routine going to bed at just gone 9pm and not waking until 630am each morning.  Shirley loves the walking now that she is getting used to Kyra and Kyra is getting used to Shirley and all the distractions of English Town life.

So thank you Benafm Dogs and Louise, I haven’t heard the floorboards creaking or the gutters cracking since our big bundle of fun arrived.”  Kyra, Shirley and Brian in order of importance.”


Max was rescued with his siblings and mum by another shelter Goldra in the Algarve.  Max came to us as a foster in March and captured the hearts of the team and all the doggies.  He now lives a fantastic and happy life with his Dad Billy and his baby sister in the UK.

“I don’t believe I could have adopted Max from a better source, Max was fostered by Benafim Dogs knowing that he would eventually come to me when he is of age.  I received regular photos, videos and updates to show me his progress and it was amazing to watch him be so comfortable with the Benafim team as well as other dogs.

This led him to be the most sociable dog I know personally and has zero fear when it comes to introducing Max to other dogs or people of all ages which is amazing. Max is so playful and confident which is exactly what I was looking for in my little companion.

Following the facebook posts to not only see the teams’ input but others adoring him too was great, his mannerisms are great and fortunately for me, most things like toilet and crate training were complete by the time Max was old enough to travel to me in the UK. Even his temperament whilst travelling is great as he was always taken on small trips in vehicles so was completely fine with the car once used to me.

Our bond and love for one another is increasing by the day and I genuinely can not think of one downside to adopting via Benafim dogs.” Billy Brewin


Teddy came to us in March 2021 from a situation of ill treatment by humans, he was quiet, introverted but we could see how desperate he was to be loved, learn to trust again and relax among humans and other dogs.  Well, Teddy surprised us all and within a few months he now lives the best of lives in the Algarve with wonderful parents.

“Bow Wow Wow that’s what we would say. How lucky were we to find the beautiful and kind people at Benafim dog shelter. We arrived in Portugal in October 2020 and after buying our house the next part of our life was to get a dog. We knew we wanted one that was a little older having raised a few from puppies we decided we would not have the patience this time round, so we began out search it was always going to be a rescue dog and we were pretty relaxed about size and type. So on Facebook I followed several homes but always had an affection for Benafim, the dogs always looked happy and contented with their lot. All the pictures they shared helped us select the type of dog that would be suitable for us.

Then as if by magic Teddy’s pictures came on Facebook he look so sad and beaten up but we fell in love with him immediately. I contacted Benafim and arranged a visit, we arrived one hour early just couldn’t wait to meet him it was a bit strained at first as Teddy had obviously been ill treated by men but with doggie treats we eventually got over this. He was perfectly okay with my wife so really trusted female completely. So we decided to adopt him but he was on medication and we hadn’t quite finished the house building work so we decided to wait, he stayed with them for about six weeks but we went every week and saw him and walked him inside and outside the shelter.

It was probably the longest six weeks of our life but the day arrived and we now have our beautiful Teddy. That’s how it happened, none of this would have been possible without the true love and affection of the people at Benafim. I will mention Patricia, Louise, & Lee as they are the people we met but I know there are others who give their time to ensure that everything is kept in a safe and secure condition, spotless and all the dogs cared for on a one to one basis.

It is incredible that Lee set this up for no reward in fact quite the opposite as he is funding it just for his love of dogs and the want and desire to protect and save the many strays in Portugal. I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture. Teddy fell in love with Patricia and I am sure it was both ways. The process and support of getting him has been handled with such care and grace we now feel part of a big family. So a massive thank you to Benafim and all involved we are so pleased to have met you and we recommend you 100% for anyone looking to adopt a dog.” Dave and Denise


Komo was abandoned as a puppy and spent many years in Portimao municipal kennel before coming to us in 2020.  He instantly melted our hearts (just like his brother Komo)with is funny personality, shy, charming demeanor and super cute head tilt.  He went unnoticed for so long until his luck changed.  Komo now lives in the Kew area of the UK and is loved by everyone who meets him.

“Gorgeous, sweet Komo was adopted from Benafim Dogs shelter in the Algarve and came over to the UK by car, through Euro Pet Transort LTD. Big thank you to Louise Aherne and the team for taking such good care of all the doggies at Benafim and for finding them forever homes, and especially for matching us with Komo. I’m so so happy he became part of our little family. My boyfriend and I were just saying today how he fits in so well to our family” Larissa Johnsson


Lily was found tied to a fence in the middle of the countryside.  She now lives a happy life with a lovely couple and their dog Jazz in the East of the Algarve.

“Hello, I’m Lily and I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter. I heard that Easter is the celebration of new beginnings and new life. Well, as I have a new life now, perhaps today is the right day to thank everybody who helped me to find my new parents.

I would like to thank the lady who rescued me when I was just dumped out of a car and tied to a fence. You were there for me when I was so desperate for help and I am so grateful. If it hadn’t been for you who knows where I would be today. I would like to thank you all at Benafim dogs for giving me a safe place to stay. And a huge thank you for the donation for my vet fees.

Now I live in a very nice place where I have a great life together with Jazz. He is amazing, so gentle and I absolutely adore him. He gives me a lot of confidence and I’ve already taken on a duty in my new home, I guard the fridge!! After all, I am a guard dog, aren’t I?

Many things in my new home are new to me and I learn something new every day. I make my mum and dad smile a lot when I explore the garden and chase after a butterfly or put my nose into a flower. They think I am sweet and funny, what ever this means. I think, I am just myself. Never mind, as long as I am loved I am happy. And loved I certainly am now. So Happy Easter everybody! To new beginnings.”  Tina and Russ McEvoy


Killo was abandoned as a puppy and spent many years in Portimao municipal kennel before coming to us in 2017.  He instantly melted our hearts with is funny personality, shy, charming demeanor and super cute head tilt.  He went unnoticed for so long until his luck changed.  Killo now lives near Brighton in the UK and is loved by everyone who meets him. He is the centre of his family’s world!

“When we agreed to adopt Killo 14th January, it was the beginning of an anxious and exciting time. We went through lots of emotions….from not being able to wait to meet him to worrying about if he would settle in with us.

He arrived late on the 5th March and we met him at a service station. He wouldn’t get out of his crate and Steve (from the brilliant transport company) had to carry him out for us. His tail was between his legs and he wouldn’t stop shaking. We decided to get him straight home as we had a 30 minute journey to get there.

We got him home and he came in on his lead and had a little look around the lounge. We put him some dry food down and he had a small amount and then laid down by the side of the armchair even though we had brought him a new bed.

I stayed on the sofa for the first 4 nights as I didn’t want him to stress by us leaving him alone in a strange place.

He used to shake every morning but I think it was just getting used to being in a different place and it was obviously a lot colder than he was used too.

We would take him out on his collar and lead and he didn’t have any issues getting into the car. We found it a little weird that he would only go to the loo once a day but he is now getting better at that.  We got him measured and fitted with a harness as we were worried about him slipping his collar.   This has really helped his confidence in walking and ours too!

Every day Killo settles in more and more. His personality is coming out and he does this amazing dance thing when we bring his dinner in.

We are so lucky to have him and he is fitting into our family so well. This is all thanks to my friend Louise who introduced us to Killo and helped us all along the way.

We love him so much.” Andrea Barber


Ajax, sweet Ajax was rescued by Portimao municipal kennel before coming to us in 2020.  With his soppy, kind and playful personality we loved him instantly.  Thankfully so did his wonderful adopters in the UK when they heard all about him.  Now he lives in the wonderful English countryside, with his sister Becky and their loving parents.

“Meet Ajax. The newest member of our family….goofball extraordinaire and the softest, most daft, cuddle craving doggie ever!

One look from those eyes and he could melt even the hardest heart. We discovered Benafim dogs via another group on Facebook, whilst we were looking for a brother for Becky, our Cypriot rescue Beagle.

We got chatting to Louise and discussed some possibilities for our household. Some wonderful doggies just weren’t equipped for the journey to the UK, so we narrowed it down to two. Louise was brilliant, answering all our questions and there were lots. Then the decision was made and Ajax was going to join us. Louise sent us detailed emails with everything we needed to know….from health details to feeding and lots of helpful tips in between.

Ajax’s transport ran so smoothly too and he arrived at a service station in Worcestershire, on a snowy evening. Ajax settled in really well, just like Louise thought he would.

He is a really good boy. He does have some separation anxiety, which we are working on, with the help of Louise, who is always on the end of an email. Benafim do such a brilliant job of finding a human match for their doggies. We are really glad we found them.” Maria-Elena Mebs Bennett


Sweet, fluffy Baldo arrived with us from Portimao municipal kennel in 2020.  Another kind, loving boy who had just been cruelly dumped like rubbish.  Thankfully Baldo captured the hearts of Jo and Shaun very quickly and is now living a really happy life with them and his sister Sadie in Bristol, UK.

“Baldo arrived with us from Benafim just over six weeks ago and has already established himself as a much loved & treasured part of the family.

Throughout the whole process of his adoption & transport to the U.K, Louise was in touch & we felt completely reassured & supported the entire time, especially considering Brexit & the fact that we were in national lockdown due to Covid!

Baldo arrived completely house-trained (apart from the odd initial accident)! He adores people, gets on with other dogs and he and our older Staffie have bonded with a quiet respect for each other!

I can’t praise Louise and all at Benafim highly enough. Their love for the dogs in their care is obvious in the way that Baldo has had the confidence to settle in so well & so quickly.

A massive thank you to Louise and Benafim for the big softie fluff monster that is Baldo” Jo and Shaun Smith


Max was abandoned sadly, like so many dogs it was obvious he had been in a home at some point but had been thrown out like rubbish.  Fortunately Max was seen by Patricia who brought him to the shelter.  It wasn’t long before he stole Nick’s heart and now lives in Almancil living the good life!

“After seeing the pictures of all the lovely dogs at Benafim Dogs, I contacted Louise to ask if I could visit them on Friday afternoon and meet the dogs.

After meeting Louise, Patricia and Lee I knew all these amazing dogs had hit the jackpot in being with such lovely and caring people. Especially after many of these dogs had either been abandoned or mistreated.

During the visit I met Max, a Patterdale terrier who was just a bundle of joy and smiles. He came straight over and put his head on my lap.  We stayed fr about an hour and met all the dogs, however I felt drawn to Max. To be honest I wanted to take them all home!

On the drive home I made the decision to ask for a weekend trial with Max to see if we were right for each other. I was made aware by the guys that Max has separation anxiety and got very distressed when left alone for even a short space of time.

The following Friday Max arrived. He walked in, jumped onto my knee and then after a sniff about he jumped on to his new bed and went to sleep!

Within 2 hours I knew he was not going back to the shelter. I gave it until the Sunday and messaged Louise to say I would like to adopt Max. The following week, the papers were sorted and Max’s chip transferred into my name.

Since Max has arrived we are walking 6 to 9 km per day and I am so much happier than before. Max makes me smile on a daily basis and is just so good! 6 weeks in and Max has gained 2 kg of muscle due to walking and I have lost 9 kg of “not muscle” shall we say.  My life has changed for the better in so many ways!

Max is now up to 2 hours on his own without any drama what so ever. Although to be honest he does come everywhere with me anyway!  He is quite the local celeb here in Almancil!  Everyone knows him. He is great with all other dogs and even children.  He sits on command, gives a paw and is now off the lead when no one is around. He comes back on command every time.

I really can not recommend the guys at Benafim enough!  The process was just made so easy for Max and I and they are still supporting us through the early months and love hearing updates about Max.

“If you are looking for a new addition to your family then I would always advise rescuing one of these beautiful dogs who deserve the best, rather than buy from a breeder or pet shop.” Nick Jeal


Beautiful, soulful Romy was no longer wanted by her family. She was taken to Portimao municipal kennel and left without a backwards glance.  There she stayed for a few years until she came to Benafim Dogs.  Our hearts melted as soon as we met her and thankfully so did her wonderful adopters, who saw her and fell in love.  Romy now lives in the West of the Algarve.

“She makes my heart smile everyday” Nora Bakker


Joseph was another victim of abandonment.  Thankfully a tourist kept him safe until we were able to bring him to Benafim Dogs.  Joseph was adopted locally and lives with his Mum and Dad, enjoying fantastic walks in the countryside and despite the intentions of not being allowed on the sofa, as you can see from the photos, this didn’t last long!!!

“We adopted Joseph in January after seeing him on the Facebook site. We sent a message with questions and we were responded to very quickly with all our questions answered in full. All along the adoption process we were extremely happy with the level of professionalism and aftercare from the amazing dedicated staff. Cannot recommend Benafim Dogs highly enough and urge anyone looking to adopt to contact them for a visit.” Steve Russell

Sanne (Susan)

Beautiful, sweet Susan, now called Sanne spent many, many years overlooked and desperate for a home.  Her happy ever after finally happened when her loving adopters Marlene and Maarten decided to give an older dog the dream life.  Sanne now lives in the Algarve and enjoys daily walks on the beach with her sister Suzie and lots of cuddles on the sofa!

“Our 3years old Suzie could not stay home alone; so our plan was to adopt a sister for her.

I saw the picture and story on Benafim dogs Facebook page about Susan. 7 years old and never have been in a loving home.  After 3 years at a gypsy camp, she was saved by the municipal kennel in Portimao. After 4 years there in not that comfortable circumstances; she was happy enough to be allowed to live at Benafim Dogs shelter.

So we took our Suzie to see if they were a match.  Susan was shy and scared, but I promised myself not to look for a cuter dog and give Susan a chance. And we are so happy we did.

Two kind volunteers from Benafim dogs brought her to our home. The first night already we noticed she started to trust us and we decided to adopt her. They helped with the paperwork and she was already vaccinated and sterilised.  No money as a gift was accepted. Our adoption was the gift.

I would ask all people to give old dogs a chance. Even the shy and scared once. Because they become so amazing after the feeling of a loving, safe home.

We are truly grateful to Benafim dogs for all the work they do for so many dogs and the active Facebook page really works for lots of adoption.

With love from Susan ( now Sanne) and her sister Suzie,

Marlene and Maarten from Fuseta”


Twix spent many years living on the streets, very scared of everything.  Thankfully a kind person spent time gaining his trust enabling her to catch him and bring him to Benafim Dogs.  Day by day and very slowly he started to wag his tail and trust us, but he was still very shy when he caught his wonderful adopter’s attention.  Thankfully their big hearts accepted there would still be a lot of work and patience involved with his adoption and they welcomed him with open arms into their home here in the Algarve.

“We would like to tell everyone how fantastic Benafim Dog Shelter is and would recommend you to go and meet the lovely doggies and fantastic team. We had set our sights on a rescue dog and followed them all, via Facebook.

When we went to visit, we fell in love with Twix and couldn’t wait to foster him with the hope to adopt. Due to Twix’s nervous nature there was a lot of work to be done but we were supported totally by the lovely team, at Benafim.

Any issues were quickly resolved and we looked forward to their visits to check on Twix.  Especially when it came time to carry out the formalities of Twix’s adoption.  We are indebted to Louise, Patricia & Lee for their devotion and endless support to all the doggies and future adopters.

Go & visit, you won’t regret it & your lives, like ours, will be enriched by doing so” – Wendy and Guy Lowther


Mel was rescued by Portimao municipal kennel before coming to us at Benafim Dogs.  She spent a few months with us gaining confidence before  being adopted by the most adorable family in the UK.

“We were recommended the shelter by a friend and so glad we were. From first contact they were friendly and helpful and it was fabulous too see just how much they care about the dogs. With us being in the UK I was a little worried the distance would be an issue with discussions and formalities but they made things as smooth as possible and everything was sorted out either through email or phone calls.

They arranged everything including the transport company who then got in contact with us and also kept us informed of everything. It was during the adoption of Mel that the euro tunnel problems occurred but again we were kept up to date daily, Mel arrived safely a day earlier than planned despite the tunnel issues.

She arrived with us in the middle of December and has settled in amazingly, she loves her walks across the fields and finding other animals on the field to chase.

We can’t recommend Benafim enough for all the help, support and care they put into each dog in their care.” Heather and Jay Fearn


Bertie was found abandoned in a small town in the Algarve. He came to Benafim Dogs before going to wonderful fosters who took care of him during his treatment for heart worm.  His lovely adopters were extremely patient in waiting for Bertie to be fit and healthy to travel to the UK.  The wait was definitely worth it for both Bertie and his family!

“Hi, we’re Mei and Graham and we adopted Bertie from Benafim in December 2020. Don’t worry, he wasn’t a Christmas present, he was due to arrive in summer but illness kept him in Portugal longer than originally anticipated.

I’d been looking for a rescue dog for a few months and was having no joy with rescues in the UK due to their extremely stringent (some might say ridiculous) requirements and the shortage of available dogs due to the covid lockdown. I have friends living in Portugal who foster dogs, so I knew that Portuguese dogs are often adopted abroad in the UK. We’d chatted and my friend found Bertie on Benafim’s site. She put me in touch with Louise.

I was contacted and they asked me a few sensible questions about our home, our working patterns and our experience of dogs, and that was it. They started looking for transport for Bertie. Unfortunately it was then discovered that he had undiagnosed heart worm and would need treatment, serious treatment, before he could travel. Benafim paid for his treatment and found him a foster home so that he could receive the treatment and recover. Louise updated me regularly so that I always knew what was going on.

Finally he was well enough to travel in December and his transport was booked. I transferred the money to the transport company and that was it. I got beautiful videos and pictures from Louise and his foster parents of him leaving Portugal. The next day, we drove to a motorway service station to meet his transport (a mini bus-type vehicle full of dog crates) and found our gorgeous boy. As well as being instantly loveable he’d been well-fed and watered and was spotlessly clean. A quick walk around the services and he hopped into our car.

We’ve had him a few months now and we can’t imagine life without him. He’s fit and healthy and a joy in the car thanks to the training and socialisation he had at Benafim. He has a few issues, such as being reactive to certain dogs, which we knew about in advance, but we’re working on it. We’re lucky that he’s house trained and has never had an accident in the house (touch wood) and was already crate trained. As soon as he saw a crate in our house with his cushion in it, which had travelled with him, in he went.

The worst thing he does is jump up on visitors and bark at the postman. Sounds like almost every other dog on earth to me! He’s absolutely gorgeous, loves walking on a lead, travelling in the car and meeting new people, and he’s great with children. He’s just been on his first holiday with extended family, visiting beaches and castles in the sun. Bertie boy makes us smile every day.

Thanks so much to everyone at Benafim and his foster parents for looking after him and for enabling him to find us, his forever family.” Mei and Graham


Super affectionate Tiger was rescued with his friend Monika and were both with us at Benafim Dogs for many years.  We really had a special bond with both of them and once again couldn’t understand why they were over looked.  Our patience and determination paid off.  Tiger is finally living the life he so deserves in Scotland with a loving family who spoil him with one of his favourite pastimes – cuddles!

“Adopting our dog from Benafim was a stress free process. We were given lots of information about our dog, full veterinary history and they talked us through every stage. Tiger arrived healthy and happy and has settled in well to family life. He’s a wonderful dog and they offer a brilliant service and care for their dogs so well. Highly recommend them.” – Kevin McCleod


Teeny tiny Betty was abandoned in the middle of the countryside near to Benafim Shelter.  She may be small in size but big in character and of course it didn’t take long for her cheekiness to capture the hearts of Gemma and Ian in the UK.

“I had been following Benafim shelter’s updates for many years then one day last August I saw a post introducing a new addition to the shelter called Betty. I wasn’t intending to get a dog there and then but I fell in love with Betty and expressed my interest in adopting her.

Within a few days it was confirmed Betty would be coming to live with my husband and I! Understandably, Benafim Shelter needed to know our set up and see evidence that Betty would be safe here.

Every step of her adoption was made so easy for us. They made sure all her vaccinations were up to date and arranged Betty’s transport back to the UK. Everything was documented and Betty arrived with a booklet with all her known medical history.

They went above and beyond to help us prepare for Betty’s arrival, we were advised of things to look out for when adopting a rescue dog and sent us a thorough email with all everything we needed to know from when to worm her to her chip registration number, the different stages they can go through before they truly unwind and feel at home, her measurements so we could get the right size harness and collar.  The guidance and support was endless!!

Having heard of so many people who are refused dogs based on their living arrangements it is reassuring to know Benafim shelter looks at the whole picture. Of course they need to know that a dog will have plenty of exercise but were very happy to see that we had so many parks close by and so our small backyard didn’t put them off. Betty has settled in so well, we like to think she is living her best life!

My husband and I are smitten with her! We cannot thank Benafim Shelter enough for all their help and for letting us adopt Betty. They clearly love all the dogs they take in and the work they do behind the scenes is incredible making sure the dogs are ready to be adopted and preparing them for their new life.” Gemma and Ian Willis


Vivo was rescued by Portimao municipal kennel where he spent a few years before coming to Benafim Dogs. We honestly couldn’t understand why he was overlooked and seemed to go unnoticed by perspective adopters.  Then one day his luck changed and Vivo now lives such a wonderful, happy life with his furry siblings and parents in the Algarve countryside.

“Vivo – our love story.  How it all began.

Since I was little, we always had family dogs, I grew up with my furry friends and wanted my children to have the same privilege. We moved to Portugal in 1996 and that was when I realized how many stray dogs there were in Portugal.  We opened our doors to former stray dogs named Linda and Eddie, followed by Clarinha, Menina and Lobo and some others we were lucky to find new loving homes for.

4 Years after our big dog Lobo died, I saw a story about Vivo on Facebook. He was meeting a couple with 2 dogs at Angrinha beach in Ferragudo ( very close to us) and was supposed to have found his forever home. Sadly it did not work out and that was when I decided to visit the shelter Benafim dogs.

I found the shelter very special – such a big space for the doggies to run free and just 2 or 3 dogs in one run. Lee, Patricia and Louise have a special bond with the dogs it was really very different and I loved it. I did not look at any other dog – somehow there was no doubt that it had to be Vivo and after talking to Lee it became clear that we were going to have him come to our house to meet the little girls and our chickens.

As the first meeting went well, we decided for a trial week and with this day on the 07.11.2020 Vivo´s and our lives changed. There was not the smallest problem with our girls (or better said old ladies) they accepted him from day 1. I must say he is sooo cute with them, they can take his space in the dog bed, he will not bother – but therefore whenever he has the chance and they leave some food – he will eat it ……. He really loves food! Every new situation (visitors etc.) he needs some time to adapt to but he really wants to fit in.

In the beginning we were all nervous – we did not know each other and Vivo is a big dog and was not used to be in a house – we needed a little time to build up trust at first. I felt from the start that he was trying very hard to do everything well – that was amazing to see.

It took only a short while until everybody got settled. Vivo at first had his dog-bed in the hall, then in the lounge but very quickly he moved into our bedroom. He makes me smile every day – he is so sweet – it is hard to explain how much love a dog shows you if you do not experience it yourself.

It has been a challenging time since we have Covid-19 in our life’s, there are a lot of things to face which we did not even dream that could happen, there is a lot of uncertainty and some fears how the future is going to be. My friend Vivo knows nothing about this and how much he helps me to stop overthinking every little problem and just follow him on a walk into the countryside to simply enjoy life. While I am writing this, he is sleeping by my side.

Lee, Patricia, and Louise – thank you so much for making this possible and for doing this brilliant job with the dogs.” Stefanie Zickler


Ada spent many years in Portimao municipal kennel before coming to us at Benafim Dogs.  She spent a further 3 years with us before finally being adopted by a lovely couple in Holland.

“We were halfheartedly looking for a dog. Halfhearted because it couldn’t be just any dog. It most certainly wouldn’t be a a purebred, if we were looking at all… which we were not. Our last dog, Rex, was a rescue dog of mixed breed from Greece who had happily spent his last years with us. He had come to us by chance and we knew instantly he belonged with us although we were not looking for a dog at the time either.

That kind of ‘halfhearted’; more like a natural sense of belonging. More like serendipity of the canine variety. So when Ada presented herself one beautiful August afternoon through a Facebook post of a mutual friend we knew we had found our next dog.

Ada was already eight years old and had been living in a shelter for the past four and a half years: two in the municipal kennel at Portimão where she slowly started to languish and as a result she had the good fortune of being bumped up to the privately run shelter of Benafim Dog Rescue for the remainder.

Ada was accurately described by Benafim as “a very kind dog who craves human company. Sadly Ada doesn’t get on with all dogs at the shelter and we have to keep her separate from females. She tends to be okay with male dogs but can be a bit temperamental. Ada walks very well on a lead but she can be strong, she is very muscular and about 22kg.” So far, so good. Time for some vetting. No not the dog, but we were the subject of some serious vetting. A Dutch volunteer came to our home to check it—and us—out. Fortunately, although the bar is high, we checked out alright. Ada’s passport was made, the necessary jabs given and travel arrangements prepared.

And before we knew it Ada arrived late one night at an anonymous car park in the south of Holland. She was the last one on the van to arrive after a long drive from Portugal. Long because her two minders stopped often to let the dogs drink and walk. The perfect volunteers who know that volunteering is not without obligation. In this case obligation to the welfare of the animals they transport.

We arrived home in the middle of the night and woke up our (guest) cat to make sure that Ada would know from the start that the cat had the oldest rights. It was a bit of a long shot since Benafim had made it clear that she would most likely identify the cat as prey. But we were in luck. After about an hour a stalemate turned into a truce. Since then Mitzi is a full-blown member of Ada’s pack, although living apart together. Ada occupies the ground floor; the rest of the house belongs to Mitz. Ada always wants to play with Mitz, but the cat is not convinced of Ada’s good intentions. A truce it is.

Make no mistake about it: other cats are prey and nothing more. But when she encounters Mitzi in the street she’s overjoyed and goes up to her wagging her tail. Mitz on the other hand is wagging her paw in Ada’s face, still not convinced of her good intentions. But she doesn’t use her claws and they are content walking to their home side-by-side.

Which brings me to Ada’s character. Yes, she is a kind dog and she does crave human company, but she is also very temperamental, very strong and a very, very outspoken (female) alpha dog. And a true hunter at that. She has all the traits of the Portuguese Greyhound: the Podengo. She stands on her hind legs looking for prey, she catches mice while on the lead, she runs like the wind (nine years old now mind you!), redecorates the house schlepping around blankets, plays with her mouth looking quite vicious and when she hunts nothing can stop her… But she does make friends!

She’s been with us for seven months now (April 2021) and she has a whole bunch of new mates she plays with. Most of them are male dogs, but also female dogs, big and small. The biggest is Jesper, a Samoyed, the smallest is Max, a wire-haired Dachshund, who is very smart in outwitting Ada. She is very gentle with pups although they are quickly dismissed not being able to play with her (yet).

Ada likes it rough and loud—easily frightening other dogs—and she likes to show off her extraordinary speed. Only one or two friends can keep up with her. She can frolic off the lead as long as she’s playing, but we always have to be prepared for her going into hunting mode.

Ada is a wonderful dog and we are so fortunate to have her! Walking her four times a day is a real gift, especially in corona time. We did however very quickly replace her ordinary lead with a harness sparing her neck. She is so incredibly strong that we were afraid she might hurt herself. Her pulling on the lead stopped instantly.

There is really only one downside: Ada is very vigilant and her bark is very loud and deep (postman Pat is not a happy man). Fortunately the upside is that burglars don’t stand a chance either. All in all life with Ada is very good. She’s happy and dedicated to us (and Mitzi). You couldn’t make her more happy than to sit on the sofa letting her smother you with affection. Just like it should be.

Thank you Benafim Dog Rescue and Portimão Kennel for allowing us to be Ada’s forever home.” Jan Martin Wilschut


We rescued Fenix from some terrible fires that swept through the Algarve a few years ago. Fenix was kept on a chain and had no way of freeing herself.  She was in such a bad way when she came to us but slowly she recovered both physically and mentally.  Fenix is now in a wonderful, loving, caring home in the UK where every day she makes her adopter smile and laugh.

“Fenix… the kindest, gentlest most loving soul. Definitely a case of who rescued who. I can’t imagine my life without her. She never puts a foot wrong, just wants to please and an absolute pleasure to have around.

Benafim have been so supportive. They’ve answered every question I’ve asked (and I’ve asked a lot!) super fast. Nothing is too much trouble. They’ve been open and honest about everything and I’m so grateful. Thank you” Laura Ellis

Rodinhas and Urso

Rodinhas and Urso were rescued together from a rather unpleasant living situation.  Both were very shy and nervous of humans for quite some time with us at the shelter.  Slowly with time, care, patience and love their confidence grew, their personalities started to show and we were so incredibly happy to find the most amazing couple to initially foster Urso, then Rodhinas, with the best, best news of going on to adopt them both.  A dream come true.  Rodinahs and Urso now live a happy life in Ireland.

“Benafim’s daily Facebook posts hooked us into it’s cause. Like tuning in to a regular favourite TV programme, we tuned in to see the dogs, read their profiles, and journey with them. We were delighted when one found a home; we felt sad when a re-homing didn’t work out.

Then we saw one post that changed everything. It was a video of the stunning Nero and a slice of pizza if I remember correctly.

We already had two rescue dogs so it’s not as if we needed another animal to fill up our home, but Nero melted our hearts. Besides, after months of reading Benafim’s heartfelt posts, we wanted to give a dog some respite from shelter life.

Sadly, Nero wouldn’t be compatible with the pets we already had. As dismay settled in during the closing minutes of our visit to Benafim, I came face-to-face with Urso. It was something more than love at first sight, as I heard myself say, “He’s like a bear,” with glee.

His eyes. His size. His demeanour. What makes us connect to one animal in particular? I couldn’t say. Feeling compelled by my brief interaction with Urso, I suggested we foster him for a short while. The way I rationalised this choice was that by going with the largest dog at the shelter – that is, the least sensible choice – we’d be more committed to actively searching out his forever home, i.e. we wouldn’t adopt this most unsensible of choices.

Lee of Benafim told us what we needed to know about Urso, which wasn’t much. With a sparse history before arriving at Benafim and no behavioural issues, our foster experience would be one of discovery.

With a bag of dog food and some vitamin tablets specific to Urso’s breed supplied by Benafim and with Urso scooped into the boot of our car, we drove away with the bear-dog looking mighty puzzled.

Our First Minutes: Introducing Urso

We knew that our two dogs, Wren and Tallulah, would probably accept Urso, but we didn’t know how he would behave with them or with our cats, so we introduced the three dogs on neutral territory, walking them around our quiet, rural neighbourhood.

None of the dogs seemed fussed or perturbed, even when we returned home. However, at a third of Urso’s weight, my little female, Tallulah, was cautious. We set up a bed for Urso and marvelled at how quiet and compliant he was being.

The First Days

We took the first days slowly, settling into Urso’s rhythm and temperament. He was cautious, balking at every sudden sound when we walked him. He’d jump at the sound of a twig snapping and wouldn’t go near a house that was having renovation work done. When we swept his room, he ran from the broom.

Wren and Tallulah were wary of Urso at first, as were the cats, each being only a fraction of his size. This situation changed, though, with time. One of the most heart-warming and satisfying aspects of taking on Urso has been to watch his relationship with our previous two dogs strengthen. To watch him leaping about, playfully chugging his enormous weight up and down the garden as he attempts to keep up with their turn of speed makes us smile every time.

When the occasion came to put Urso for a trial week in a potential Forever Home, my heart sunk. Our two remaining dogs pined. We knew he was in a good place that was caring for him, but we missed him. For reasons that were not his fault, Urso returned to us. More accurately, he returned to Wren and Tallulah.

He has gone from strength to strength and is firmly, staunchly, stubbornly part of our pack. Benafim remained in touch, on hand, available for advice through it all, continuing to supply veterinary support right until we signed the papers to take formal ownership of Urso.

And then came Rodinhas.

Rewinding to when we first saw Urso, we recall noticing a dog that caused us to think instantly, ‘No.’ He was pacing, frantic, had a look in his eye that said, “I’m highly strung.”

It turns out Rodinhas is a sensitive soul. He was strung out with shelter life. Several months had passed with Urso at our home, no longer sharing a run with Rodinhas. Rodinhas had lost his rock. When the Benafim team came to check up on how Urso was doing at our house, we learned the two had been rescued from the same situation in Monchique. The two had history, and we’d split them up.

Months later, Benafim put out a call. Rodinhas wasn’t doing well. He wasn’t eating, and he would sleep only when someone sat with him. They needed to find him a place to stay outside of the shelter.

The second time they put out the call, we responded.

As with Urso’s arrival, we introduced our dogs and Rodinhas on neutral territory, then returned home. There was no issue. Rodinhas was too exhausted yet still found the energy to work on the bone we had for him.

Patricia pointed out Rodinhas’ body language and his big doggy smile. She told us Rodinhas knew he was safe.

For the first few months, he kept himself separated. He carries deeply ingrained trauma. We’ve worked with him as much as we know how to reassure him. One aspect that helped lower his anxiety levels has been VetIQ Serene-UM Xtra Calming Tablets.

I was already using Serene-UM with my dog, Wren, who’s got severe anxiety issues in the presence of strangers. They contain an element found in a lactating bitch’s milk (I believe), and they’re just about the only calming tablet that has a lasting, noticeable effect. They worked brilliantly for Rodinhas.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to re-home Urso and Rodinhas has provided challenges – not least because dogs are pack animals. Once they’ve bonded, work especially consistently to assert yourself as Alpha. They’ve taught us many things about ourselves and dogs. They’ve provided us with much laughter, and just about every day, they melt our hearts.

But this piece isn’t so much about our dogs; it’s about the crucial work that Benafim shelter does. Their dedication to the dogs has been tested in the last year and a half, yet they keep going – for the dogs. For a small team doing significant work in a trying environment, Benafim stands apart.

They have always been available to share photographs or questions about our dogs, which is vital because taking on a rescued animal has its demands. However, when we look back at how Urso and Rodinhas have flourished, grown in confidence and character, the demands are outweighed by the intangible rewards those dogs provide us.

“Anna Loewy and Emma Jervis”


Chum came to Benafim Dogs from a municipal kennel in the West of the Algarve. Such a young boy who already had been through so much in life.  He spent over a year with us and like all the dogs we care for, really captured our hearts and souls.  His lucky day came in April 2020 when the most loving, calm, beautiful couple fell in love with Chummie and welcomed him with their big hearts into their family.  Chum now lives in the Algarve with lots of gorgeous furry siblings!

“First of all big love to all you guys from Benafim dogs!! Just because of your amour, your passion and faith we met Chum and learned more about love, trust, believe, faith and so much more. And to all of you who want to adopt a dog, please be sure to give all you would give yourself. And it is about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ! It is not about commands SIT it something else like that. It is about melting together !! It is about the soul ! It is like when you meet your partner or when have your own kids. It is about being selfless. And all the dogs on the picture show us human beings how easy it could be to live in peace together no matter which colour, gender or race you are. Living peacefully, respectfully in love !! Thank you all BENAFIM !!!!!” – Tolga Kurtulus


Sweet, cheeky Kinder was abandoned near to Benafim Dogs.  We took her in and were very quickly smiling and laughing a lot with her cheeky, funny, determined character.  Thankfully her wonderful personality shone through to her loving adopters and she very quickly settled into her new home that she shares with other dogs and horses. In true Kinder style she keeps making her adopters laugh a lot and lives a fantastic life in the Algarve!

“We adopted kinder in March 2020, I saw a Facebook post with this gorgeous ugly little old girl with hardly any teeth and these huge ears, instantly I knew I had to have her!

We have had her for a year now and she has given us so much joy! Benafim Dogs made everything easy during the adoption process, they brought kinder to me, and they organized the change of ownership quickly and easily.

I send them regular updates which are met with as much excitement as I experience with kinder everyday and I love it! I would 100% adopt another dog through Benafim Dogs tomorrow if I had the space!” – Adele Assolutissimamente


Bella came to us in 2019 alongside her friend Bob.  Sadly their owner wasn’t able to keep them anymore and we promised to take good care of both of them and find them loving homes. We kept our promise.  Bella lives a wonderful life in the Algarve, with a loving family and a very sweet little brother.

“Hi I’m Bella, and I used to be a resident at Benafim Dogs; that was until I was adopted by my mummy and daddy. I will let my mummy stop fussing me so she can tell you about it.

I first saw Bella when I was scrolling through facebook and came across Benafim’s page. It was love at first sight, as soon as I saw that teddy bear face, my heart melted and I knew I had to meet Bella. I messaged Benafim and arranged my meeting. I decided on my first visit with Bella that I wanted to adopt her, and I knew she wanted that too, there was an instant bond between us. So I started the process with the wonderful team. I was unsure if they would allow me to adopt Bella at first, as we had just started renovating our house, and was living in a caravan on our land at the time.

But after a home visit by the wonderful Louise we got the go ahead. Everyone at Benafim was so helpful with advice, Bella is on the list of dangerous dog breeds here in Portugal, so Benafim advised me that I would need a separate liability insurance for her, and that she would have to wear a muzzle while out in public. I asked about types of muzzle’s, about flea and tick collars and medication, the team were very helpful in giving me all the information I needed.

So I would and do say to anyone that’s thinking of adopting a dog, check out Benafim first. The dog’s there are so well looked after loved and cared for by a wonderful team. The facebook page is a great way to see the dog’s, get to know their character, read about their little adventures, and updates on vet visits, adoptions etc.

Benafim is truly a wonderful shelter with well loved and looked after dogs, and a genuine dog loving team.  Thank you Benafim for doing all you do, you guy’s are amazing.” Nina Wood

Dino (Gordon)

Gordon cheeky, funny Gordon now called Dino was with us for a few years at Benafim Dogs.  He was abandoned locally and was living on the streets until we rescued him.  Dino always made us smile at the shelter with his funny and quirky personality.  Thankfully he also captured the hearts of his loving adopters and now lives the good life in the East Algarve.

“We adopted an old(er) dog from Benafim a little over a year ago. Benafim is the best shelter I have ever known, the people there care so much about their dogs and matching them with the right adopters. Communication between us has been brilliant and I know that they would always help if we needed it.

Initially, our problem was that our dog had the same name as my husband!! Fortunately, he ( the dog!) didn’t seem to mind changing his name. He has slotted into our family and lifestyle unbelievably well… it took a couple of months for him to feel settled enough to show his true character, which is a food thief! We discovered this when he stole my favourite supper from the kitchen one evening. The evidence was there in a half chewed plastic container in the garden!

But he is lovely and cheeky and funny and affectionate and we love each other to bits. Please don’t discount adopting an older dog, they are just wonderful!” – Karen and Gordon Howard-Goldsmith


We rescued Neve in 2016. She went on to spend three years with us waiting so patiently for her loving, forever home.  Her luck changed during the summer of 2019 when her adopters

“As you can see from the photos, Neve settled into life very well here in the UK, it was a big transition for her and when she first arrived. Unfortunately Neve didn’t take so well to the cats, and still to this day does not tolerate them at all, she is very protective of her space & food, so they have to be kept seperate, but we’ve all worked together to work around this!!

The rescue were helpful with any advice we needed with Neve in the beginning and the transition/process of her coming to the UK was very well organised. We were kept in the loop throughout it all, and still to this day have contact with them to let them know how Neve is doing!

Neve can be the laziest dog ever! But on the otherhand really enjoys her walks, treats and food, she can be such a greedy girl haha! It took Neve a good year to fully come out of her shell, and now in the second year of her being with us, she has finally learnt how to play with toys, which is so lovely to see!

Benefim dogs do such a wonderful job in running the rescue, and truly do care about the dogs in their care and the homes they’re going to!! Thanks for letting us adopt Neve, she is very much loved and part of the family” Sophie Harris


Zorba had a home with his friend Lion but sadly the owner had to leave his home and Portugal and his dogs.  Both boys were with us for just over a year.  We truly loved both of them during their time with us and thankfully they now live a wonderful life in the UK and are close to each other in different homes so get to spend time together still!

“I adopted Zorba two years ago, having seen him on the Benafim Facebook page. The volunteers/owners of this amazing shelter know their dogs so well and had described Zorba’s personality in so much detail, that I had a good idea of the kind of dog he would be, but even so, I don’t think I could have imagined how wonderful he actually is!!

Zorba is a complete joy, every single day! We just adore him – he is possibly the happiest, most easy-going dog I have ever met and takes everything in his stride. This is largely due to the love and care he received from those at Benafim and I feel incredibly lucky to have him.

Zorbs was about 7 years old when I adopted him, so technically an older dog, and leish positive and all I would say is don’t let these things put you off! His leish is managed with a daily tablet, and he is the bounciest, most joyful, full of life dog who loves his walks (and unsuccessful attempts at catching squirrels) – and is definitely still in his prime!

Zorba loves everyone and everyone loves Zorba and I can honestly say that adopting him has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!” – Al Renton



Handsome Gaspar was rescued with his sister Kira from really dreadful living conditions where they had no contact with humans and had food lowered to them into a pit.  Thankfully they were not permanently scarred by the horrendous start to their lives and Gaspar now lives a happy, fulfilled life in Wales.

“My beautiful Gaspar boy came from Benafim and I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier dog. His passport and transport to Wales were handled effortlessly for me and I had so much support and endless questions answered. What a fantastic job they do!” Tanya Crossland

Poppy (Kira)

Beautiful Kira was rescued with her brother Gaspar from really dreadful living conditions where they had no contact with humans and had food lowered to them into a pit.  Thankfully they were not permanently scarred by the horrendous start to their lives and Poppy now lives a happy, fulfilled life in the Algarve.

“We all loved the experience of adopting Poppy through Benafim Dogs and love poppy very much.

She is really really special dog, and gets everyone’s attention when my mum takes her to work!!  She is still a little frightened of certain sounds and situations, but she is so so much better and more cofnident.

Poppy loves people’s interaction, and she loves being able to run super fast in the countryside.  Poppy is not really that fond of coming into the house but once in a blue moon or if there is thunder she will curl up on the sofa!

She is like a Shadow, which is funny because she is black and she will literally follow us everywhere, glued to our heels and totally obsessed with my Mother.  We love her so much and couldn’t imagine life without her.

Thank you to Benafim Dogs for bringing her into our lives.” – Luisa Power