Embarking on your Adoption journey – Are you ready to Adopt?

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” Author, M.K. Clinton

Relationships….. eeeeek, now we are not going to pretend we are experts in any way shape or form, BUT you, the adopters are equally as important to us as the dogs.  Without you many of our dogs would still be with us, meaning we wouldn’t be able to help more dogs so desperately in need.

But as you know relationships take a lot of work, this is true with regards to the one you have with your dog (s) not just your relationships with humans.

The more you put in, the more you get out of it – well we think so anyway!

So to ensure we are able to really help you with the right dog for you, we of course will provide you with as much detail as possible on each dog before you meet them BUT what do we expect from you?

Dog rehoming can be a wonderful and life-changing experience, but it’s important you do your research first and to be honest with yourself about your lifestyle and what you can commit to.

It’s important to consider not only how a dog would impact your own life, but also whether your lifestyle is suitable for owning a dog. No matter how much you may want a dog, it won’t be fair on them if you’re unable to fully commit and cater to their needs.

We therefore ask that you consider the following questions carefully before you embark on the remarkable adoption journey with us (remember there is no right or wrong answer!):

1. Am I ready to be selfless?

Dogs, like human babies, are completely vulnerable. They need you to meet their needs for food, shelter, and love. It’s impossible to be selfish when you’re focused on someone else’s needs.

The best part about giving your time, attention, and love to a pet? The more you give, the more you get back. Be patient and kind with your pet, even when they’re barking all night or tearing up your shoes for the hundredth time.

2. Do I have the time and energy to care for a dog?

Consider your lifestyle. Do you want a dog that can run miles with you every day? Or are you looking for a less active dog that will be content skipping walks here and there?

We are all guilty of twisting the truth sometimes. How many of us say we go to the gym 5 times a week when actually the reality is, it’s a struggle to go twice?  Or how many times are we guilty of saying we will only be 5 minutes late home from work and end up being hours?  By being honest a rescue centre can help you find the right dog for you.

3. Do I like walking even in bad weather?

Be honest with yourself, it is raining outside and your dog is looking at you with pleading eyes desperate to go on a walk. Would you put on your rain coat and get soaked for those pleading eyes?

4. Do I have the financial means for the dog’s lifelong care?

Dogs can be costly especially if they they require veterinary care.  It is really important to consider the daily costs of food, toys, daycare if needed and veterinary care.

5. Is my home environment suitable?

Do I have enough space? Do I live in a pet-friendly area? Will a new dog fit in with the dynamic of my current pets?

6. Do I have any major life changes coming up in the next year?

Am I likely to be moving house, changing career, getting married or having children?  All of these are big events and could impact in a big way on your current lifestyle.

7. Do I have the necessary permissions to house a dog?

Do you live in rented accommodation? Do you have permission from your landlord, council or other members of your household to adopt a dog?

8. Do I have a secure garden or a terrace?

Some dogs will be very happy with a little terrace to lie on in good weather and aren’t particularly interested in bounding round a garden playing or exploring.  Others need much more room to explore and be able to play in.

9. Am I willing to put in the work for a dog that has never been in a home?

A dog who has never been in a home may require a lot more time, patience, understanding and effort from you to help them become familiar with a home environment and settling in.  They may likely never have heard sounds that are normal in a home, for instance a television, a dishwasher, a phone ringing.  They may also not be house trained and won’t know to go to the toilet outside.

10. Do I have children, do they like animals? Have they had pets before?

Are you children part of your decision making to adopt a dog?  Are they used to dogs and kind to them?

11. How long will I leave my dog on their own for on a daily basis?

We are all guilty of twisting the truth sometimes. How many of you say you go to the gym 5 times a week when actually the reality is, it’s a struggle to go twice…. Or how often do you say to a friend you will only be 5 minutes yet 30 minutes later they are still waiting for you.

12. How much time realistically will I spend with your dog?

Do you work full time and long hours or perhaps you are retired?  Do you imagine taking your dog with you when you leave the house or prefer to leave them at home? Do you prefer evenings in front of the television or socialising in town with friends?

13. If applicable, will my other pets welcome a new dog?

Do you have other pets and have they met other dogs before?  Perhaps you already have a dog and they are used to being an only dog?  Perhaps you have another dog who is old and would struggle accepting a young and energetic dog? Perhaps you have a young dog already who would love a companion?

Of course we encourage dog adoptions and we are always on hand to help you, support you and guide you.  You are a vital part of the jigsaw, the relationship!! Without you we would not be able to help as many as we do.

By being honest with yourself and us or another rescue centre there will be the right dog for you to welcome into your home and to be part of your family.

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