Guides For Dog Owners and Your Dogs

We have put together a variety of guides to help all dog owners understand your dogs and to help provide your loved furry family member with the best care.   From guides on lead training, welcoming your new family member to separation anxiety, you will find useful, informative and accurate information to help you and your dog.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Helping you help your dog overcome Separation anxiety.

Welcoming Your New Dog

Everything you need to help you welcome your new dog.

Are You Ready To Adopt?

Is a dog right for you and your lifestyle? What does caring for a dog entail?

Lead Reactivity

Managing a lead reactive dog.  A simple step to step guide to help your dog.

Lead Training : The Basics

A step by step guide on how to lead train your puppy and dog.

How To Stop Your Dog Barking

What do different dogs barks mean and how to train your dog to not bark?

Training: Sit, Down, Stay, Come

Teach your dog these essential commands with our easy guide.

House Training an Elderly Dog

It doesn’t have to be difficult to train an elderly dog with these easy steps.

House Training a Puppy

Looking to train a new pup in your home? Read this easy guide first!

Help with Car Anxiety

If your dog doesn’t like to go in the car, check out this guide.

Destructive Behaviour in Dogs

Check our guide on destructive behaviour in adult dogs.

Importance of Social Manners

This guide explains the importance of social manners for your dog.

Teach Your Dog Reliable Recall

Nobody wants an uncontrollable dog. This guide will help you with recall.

Everything About Puppies

Everything you need to know about puppies is covered in this guide.

An Introduction to Raw Feeding

This handy guide dispels a bunch of myths surrounding raw feeding.

Heatstroke in Dogs

We show you how to keep your dog cool in hot temperatures.

Crate Training Your Dog

We can help you make sure your dog is calm and happy in their crate.

Build a Strong Bond with Your Dog

Its easy to build a strong bond with your new rescue dog.

Dogs Body Language

Check out our article on understanding your dogs body language.

Resource Guarding in Dogs

Is your dog possessive over toys or food? This article explains why.

Teach Your Dog Not To Jump

Our guide helps you teach your dog to stop jumping!

Dog Training Methods

Do you want to train your dog? Check this guide first 🙂

Introducing Your Dog to a Cat

Do you want your dog and cat to live in harmony? Check out this guide

Help Your Dog Overcome Fears

A clear and simple to follow guide to help your dog and their fears

The Power of Your Dog’s Nose

Just how powerful is your dog’s sense of smell – click to find out

Fostering a Dog

Everything you need to know about fostering a dog

Seasonal Dangers for Dogs

This in depth article explains everything you need to know about each season.

About Our Guides

Our guides have been put together with the aim of helping both you and your dog. We want our guides to be useful, easy to understand, thorough and to contain everything you need to know on a particular topic.