I am Nero also known as Black Nero as there is another dog with my name at the shelter.  I am a pretty laid back kind of boy. I may be big and have a few moments of clumsiness but I am often described as the friendliest, nicest, kindest, soppiest boy.

Every time a new dog is rescued I make sure I welcome them with open paws into my kennel.  I am a bit like a really kind and fun Uncle, without having the serious Dad responsibilities.  I show all the dogs that everything will be okay and show them how things are at the shelter.

I would absolutely love to be in a home where I can enjoy regular walks, come with you in the car and help with errands, play in the garden and be stroked a lot.  It would be really fun to have other dogs to play with too as I don’t like to be on my own.  I love children and am very good with them, I even go to schools sometimes where lots of children crowd around me, stroke me and make a big fuss of me.  Those days are pretty cool, I feel like a celebrity.

Oh before I forget, I am very good at retrieving so if you like to throw balls or sticks I am your boy.  I also love water, love to swim and make the best wave machine from splashing!

Neros photo was taken by Pete from Portugal Rocks Golf, check them out for golf holidays 🙂






Lab Mix


8 years old


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