Dearest humans, I am sweet, kind, shy, cheeky and funny Gill.  That’s quite an introduction I know.  Before I came here I was in a municipal kennel. I was abandoned when I was very young and it has taken me a long time to trust humans.  I am getting there though!

I am ready now to take that next step which I believe is known as a home.  I have never been in one, but every day I dream about what it is like and what it will feel like to have kind and patient humans show me a world outside of the shelter.

I am so well looked after her and the humans here have helped me gain confidence and bring out my personality.  I am told I am their lucky charm as every single dog I share a kennel with ends up getting adopted as soon as they are moved in with me.  I am so so happy for all the dogs I have helped.

I love playing with male dogs and am very kind and funny with them.  I have learnt to really enjoy treats and being stroked.  I also now walk well on a lead.

My ideal home would have a secure fenced garden, be with lovely people who will be patient, introduce me to the inside of a home and the icing on the cake would be with another male or two to play with and keep me company.

I hope my dreams do come true!








4 years old


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