Twix has been rehomed 🙂 Please click here to see our dogs which are for rehoming

My name is Twix.  I lived on the streets for many years until a kind lady gained my trust and helped get me to the shelter.  I am really well looked after now but would love a home to call my own.

I am very shy and scared of a lot of situations as I met a lot of nasty people when I was on the streets. I was even shot.

The lovely, kind team here tell me I am an amazing, brave and sweet boy.  I do wag my tail when I see them and I love all the lovely food and treats they give me.

I would love to meet patient humans who will understand I need patience, time, love and teaching what to do in a home.  In time I know I will be less shy and will love you lots and lots.








4 years old


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