Dear lovely humans, my name is Tom.  I have the most amazing Podengo ears and the great personality that they have too.  What’s that then? Well we are really intelligent, funny, and we love to play and be with humans.

I was abandoned sadly and was in a municipal kennel which is not so nice.  Then a kind lady saw me and brought me to this shelter.  I am much happier.  I share my run with a really fun girl Gill and I love all the walks, exercise and attention I get here.

I am very happy to travel in the car and I am used to walking on a lead.  I do get excited but this is because I am young and I just need a little more training.

I am very kind to other dogs, I love to run and play and then when I have used up some of my energy the best feeling in the world is when I am told I am a good boy and get lots of strokes and cuddles.

I am more than ready for a home where I can enjoy a family life or an active life and I would love you to teach me more and even to teach me how to retrive a ball.



MixedMale2 years old20kg

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