I was given the name Tigre (Tiger) by employees at a municipal kennel in the Algarve when I was born there to my mum Pantera (Panther).  I lived there until I was 4 years old and never ever went on a walk, never ever saw the outside of my kennel.  Then one day everything changed.  My mum and I came to the Benafim shelter.  I can’t even begin to describe how scared I was –  little did I know at the time how lucky a boy I am!  I discovered everything I should have done as a puppy, grass, trees, the feeling of walking, running, freedom.

My mum Pantera has now been adopted.  I am happy and sad.  She needed a warm home and love in her old age but of course I miss her terribly.  I now have friends and spend a lot of my time with Mira who I look after.  It was well overdue for me to spread my wings and become a man!  I am told my transformation is incredible.  I am a kind, funny boy, I love my treats and I love being able to run.  I am still very very shy and wary of leaving the safety of the shelter.

I have been in the car a lot and I do walk well on a lead but I really would love someone to adopt me who has the time and patience to help me grow in confidence, show me what a home is, a warm bed, love and a huge amount of my favourite treats!   If you have other kind dogs this would be really good but I think cats confuse me a little too much to be in a home with.








6 years old


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