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Imagine being only a year and a half old and already been in and out of municipal kennels and homes. This is heartbreaking. Yet despite this Rusty still smiles.

Let us tell you about Rusty who in our opinion is an absolute treasure. Rusty is small, maximum 10kg and previous adopters wrongly assumed he would be a lap dog. His first family adopted him as a puppy and then just before Christmas dumped him at a municipal kennel.

Rusty didn’t do anything wrong. He is a dog. A dog who LOVES to play, LOVES to run, LOVES a good walk, LOVES to be taught new things, LOVES to please, LOVES all other dogs and is super intelligent. We think Rusty would be fantastic at agility and a fantastic dog in a home where you enjoy good country walks and a fantastic bond with a dog.

Rusty has known life in a home, he has known warmth, to cuddle up on a sofa or by a fireplace. Rusty has had this taken away from him through no fault of his own.

Rusty is a smiley, bundle of happiness who really would be a great family dog in a home with other dogs.

Rusty is 1.5 years young, healthy, chipped, neutered, vaccinated and eagerly waiting for you.








1.5 years old


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