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Is it possible for a dog to be too handsome?

When we arrive in the morning Ouro is always so so so happy to see us. He showers us with kisses to say hello and does a funny dance before we feed him. He really is such an uplifting, happy boy!

Ouro is a large 5 year old boy with just the kindest, calmest, nicest personalities. Ouro has such a big smile, a sparkle in his eyes and a little bit of a cheeky personality but that just adds to his charm.

Ouro is great walking on the lead and loves to go off exploring off lead too, but he is never far away. Once he has had a nice walk he likes to lay in his bed and just chill!

Ouro loves other dogs, children, people, is fine with cats and just takes life as it comes really.  So if you love big, cuddly, bright eyed, very very handsome and friendly dogs then Ouro is your man.

Ouro is 5 years old – chipped, vaccinated, neurtered and healthy.








5.5 years old


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