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I am sure you have noticed my funny wonky ears hahahaha. I get a lot of comments about one being up and one being down.  Quirky some may say, others cute.  Very much like my personality.  Oh sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet.  I am the lovely Nora.  With my wonky ears and my funny facial expressions, yes I have those too, a sparkle and glint in my eyes and a wise, no nonsense demeanor, I am a lovely girl.

I am the perfect dog for you if you like a good walk but also to then relax and have a calm, very easy, house trained dog in your home.  I am very intelligent, wise, soft and when you stroke me I let out a beautifully ladylike snore.

I may not be a young dog but don’t be fooled by my age. I have a lot of stamina, can walk for miles and miles and given the chance, I love to run too.

I would prefer a quiet home now though without lots of children fussing me and other dogs to annoy me.  I like to be the boss and although I tolerate other dogs and enjoy their company, I think it is time for me to be centre of attention and receive all the love and strokes and walks I deserve.  Oh of course a few delicious dog treats too will definitely put a smile on my face!








8 years old


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