If you haven’t met me yet, where have you been all these years? I am Nero, famous here in the Algarve, well I like to think I am well known, I even have a portrait painting of me!

Don’t tell the humans here at the shelter but I am the one who makes sure everything runs smoothly, that we get breakfast on time, that we all have a super fun day with lots of exercise and company and all have lovely clean kennels to sleep in at night.

I mentioned breakfast, I am not the earliest of risers it has to be said, I love my mornings in bed and really make everyone laugh with my party trick.  Yes I wrap myself up completely in blankets so to the outside world I am just a big lump asleep.  I will ask the humans to share a video of me doing this.

I am such a well trained boy, very intelligent and I absolutely thrive in your company.  I love going on car journeys and sitting in the passenger seat next to you. I will happily come shopping with you, sit and have a coffee or lunch with you and of course always happy to share your food if you struggle to eat it all.

I honestly am such a super friendly boy, I am fantastic with children, dogs of all sizes, I am very happy to lead a quiet life but in your company, where you will really care for me, respect me, love me, laugh when I do funny things and want to share your days, nights and your home with me.








9 years old


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