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Hello lovely humans, my name is Maya.  Once upon a time I was terrified of humans, even once I was rescued from being dumped like rubbish, it took me a while to trust humans and let them touch me.  Now I love them and I love, love, love being affectionate, stroked and the best thing ever is being given a lower back scratch.

I am a Galgo and have the funniest run so I am told.  My back legs seem to go a bit crazy as though I have no control over them, I have in fact been described as Bambi on ice and the humans smile and laugh when I run.

I have a very very sweet and endearing personality, I am so incredibly kind and funny and is it okay to say I am beautiful?  I am always smiling, always happy and I love to play.  I am a bit like a puppy in some ways and have such a zest for life.  I haven’t ever been in a home or at least a home where I was loved and well cared for.

When I hear the humans talk about me they use the word ‘marvelous’ a lot. I am not sure really what it means. They say things such as: “she is quite simply marvelous, marvelously beautiful, marvelously kind, marvelously majestic and dainty with her long elegant Bambi legs, marvelously playful, marvelously cheeky and marvelously gentle”  Hopefully these are good things otherwise I have just really put my paws in it haven’t I?

I would LOVE a home with other doggies, I am really kind to children and even cats I wouldn’t chase.  I would be so happy to meet wonderfully kind adopters who would love to see me blossom daily and become even more marvelous than I am now.








3 years old


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