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I am the lovely, small, fun Max.  I am only about 8 kg but I am full of energy and love running around and playing with the bigger doggies.  I am very much like a puppy and love toys, I get excited easily, I love lots of cuddles and am learning every day new things and discovering a world full of adventures.

I have met lots of other dogs, I also am really sweet with children and I do love lots of interaction, lots and lots of cuddles and enjoy being the young boy that I am!

I am a quick learner but I think I still need to be taught a lot about living in a home.  I get a little anxious when I am left alone so would prefer to be in a home with other dogs and where I am not left for too long.  Or if you are willing to show me kindness and patience and help me understand that you will always come home and I won’t be abandoned again then this would be really good too.

I would so love, love, love to meet you and be warm in a home.








1 Year old


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