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Beautiful Lolita who we have decided to rename Lolly (calling Lolita in the streets and at the shelter started to attract some interested/intrigued looks haha) is absolutely adorable.

She is small in size, about 10kg and has an very smiley, bouncy little character.

Lolly currently shares a run with Nero, and Minnie (1 male and a female). She is very intelligent and knows how to behave around other dogs (for example she knows NOT to touch Nero’s food!).

Lolly ooozes sweetness, she is wonderful with children, will lay on her back and be stroked for hours, equally she has a really lovely energy about her that means she loves a good walk (either on or off lead) and will bounce around to greet you. She is also so so beautiful – these photos really don’t do her justice.

Lolly is almost 2 years old is sterilised, healthy, chipped and vaccinated.

Lolly will require a home with a garden and a secure fence. We have not tested her with cats but we can absolutely do this.

We would love you to meet her and she would love to meet you too!








2 years old


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