Laila is an absolute beauty with an innocence and zest for life that is very puppy like.

Laila is a gorgeous GS, She is a fantastic mix of intelligence and energy with an incredibly loving personality.

Laila is incredibly kind but will need continued training. Laila has a lot of energy and she needs to be physically and mentally stimulated. When walking off lead in the shelter, Laila always keeps an eye on us and comes immediately when we call her. She can get very excited on a lead when out of the shelter walking.

Laila reminds us so much of a puppy, she wants to cuddle as soon as she sees you, she wants to play and be your main focus.

We would love experienced dog owners for Laila who will bring out the absolute best in her, all of which she is so capable of in the right environment where she is taught, exercised and loved.

Laila needs to be in a home with very secure fencing/ walls as she can really jump!

Laila is vaccinated, chipped, sterilised and healthy.
Negative for leishmaniasis, heartworm and tick fever






Mixed Breed


1 year old


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