Kyra has been rehomed 🙂 Please click here to see our dogs which are for rehoming

I am sweet Kyra who, despite being abandoned by my previous owners at a municipal kennel over two years ago do not hold this against humans.  I am lucky I am no longer in the municipal kennel as I love, love, love to sleep on blankets and in a cozy kennel.  I didn’t have any before.

I am also an active dog, I love to use my brain and really enjoy learning new things and going on good walks and runs.  Sometimes I can be a bit bossy with other dogs if they annoy me but generally I get on with most of them, especially males.

I am told I have really beautiful eyes that gaze lovingly at you when I am stroked and get to be by your side. I can’t describe how much I would love to be in a home again.  To be warm at night and to lay by your feet whilst you stroke me.

Kyra would like to thank UKGifts for the box of dog walker presents they sent her 🙂



4 years old

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