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Hi everyone, Thanks for clicking on my picture!  I am Komo and am so happy to meet you, albeit via the internet.  Fingers crossed once you read all about me and look at some more of my pictures you will want to meet me in person. Keeping all my legs and paws crossed.

I have the most amazingly cute head tilt, yes I do, and the most delightful eyes with such a sparkle in them.  I am fairly new to the shelter, before that I was in a municipal kennel here and if I was lucky I got walked once a week.  I was well looked after but I am much, much happier now I get to walk and run and play with all my other friends everyday.

It is amazing too that we get treats and so many cuddles from the humans here.  I am really learning that cuddles are so so nice and sometimes I want to stay in the humans arms forever.  I am told when I go to a home this is something that I can enjoy a lot of and there is also a lot of talk about sofas.  I have never been in a home as I was abandoned as a puppy but what is amazing is that the humans here never ever give up on doing their very best to find me a home.  There are so so so many dogs waiting patiently, perhaps soon it will be my turn.  Then I will finally understand what a sofa is.

I am a funny boy, sweet, energetic, a little shy and wary in new situations but I do my very best to be brave and face everything new with a smile on my face.  I like to play with most dogs, I am good when walking on a lead, I don’t mind it when my best friend Jean eats out of my food bowl and I am happy to share my blankets at night.

I really look forward to meeting you and giving you a big warm hug and showing you my head tilt.



MixedMale6 years old25kg

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