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Hi everyone, I am Jean, not Jean as in the girl’s but Jean as in the French for John.  Yes, I have quite a posh name and I laugh every time the humans call me!!!   I actually had a lucky escape from my previous ‘owner’….. can you believe that he was too busy when I was rescued from some horrible fires one day to come and collect me?  He cared that much for me that he didn’t want to miss his lunch break.  Oh well, his loss my gain.  I spent a few years in a local municipal kennel here before coming to this amazing shelter with my best buddy Komo.  I follow Komo everywhere, he is such fun to be around and we run and run and explore all the exciting places within the shelter grounds.  I am amazing apparently.  I have sparkly eyes and a big smile on my face, especially when it is breakfast time.  Yes I do love my food.  I get on really well with all dogs and am happy when I am walked and given lots of attention.  I have quite a lot of energy so would love to be in a home with active humans who have a secure garden are kind and patient and who want to share my enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life.  Hopefully we will meet each other soon, in the meantime sending you lots of high fives, from the not so posh Jean.






MixedMale6 years old30kg

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