Hi dear humans, I am the one and only, incredibly handsome Jambo.  I am just one, yet there are days I feel I have lived for many, many years.  Sadly I was an unwanted puppy and was left to fend for myself.  I wasn’t managing very well at all until a really lovely lady found me and started to gain my trust by feeding me and bringing her dog to spend time with me.  Finally after many weeks I was brave enough to let myself be touched and brought here.

I know I am so so lucky.  I am really well looked after and although I am still shy of humans, I love all the food, treats and exercise I get everyday.  The best thing about being here is I get to meet lots of other really kind and friendly dogs. I am particularly fond of the ladies and love having their company.  Everyday I get a little braver and venture further away from my kennel to explore and everyday I curl up at night knowing that I won’t go hungry tomorrow and that life is okay.

I would be brilliant I think in a home with other dogs and a large fenced garden where I can spend my days smelling and exploring and being lazy in the sun.  With more time and patience I think I will trust you even more and really start to relax in the presence of humans.  But I will get there with your help, I just need you to meet me and help me.








2 years old


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