Gordon has been rehomed 🙂 Please click here to see our dogs which are for rehoming

Gordon – how is it possible that he has not been snapped up and is living the life he deserves in a home?

Gordon also known as super cool, relaxed, kind of suave – in fact we can almost imagine him in an armchair with a whisky and ice !…… don’t worry he won’t be expecting that when you adopt him… just some nice dog food, a comfortable home, a nice, gentle walk and attention!

Did we mention he has a really relaxed demeanour about him? Nothing phases him, he just gets on with what he is doing and wags his tail a lot when he receives human attention and interaction!

Gordon is just lovely, he is labrador size but without the bulkiness some labradors have. Gordon is just under 6 years old, is castrated, vaccinated and chipped. It would absolutely break our hearts if Gordon didn’t find his super cool home.

Gordon is fit and healthy and is takes daily alpurinol for leishmaniosis – he is non symptomatic and his leish levels are so low and have been for at least a year.








6.5 years old


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