I am smiley, funny, kind Climber, a super duper boy according to the humans here.

My name is deceiving, I was given this a long time ago when I was in a municipal kennel and on my own.  I really was sad so I tried to escape a lot.  I haven’t done that in a long time.  Now I always have company and love being with another female or two.  It is more fun as they play with me and I don’t feel so lonely.

I am a really good boy, I walk very well on a lead, I love playing and I love lots and lots of cuddles and my food.  I am very understanding and subservient and I don’t mind if other dogs boss me around, as long as they are kind too!

I think I would be a great family dog where there is another female to play with.



MixedMale5 years old18kg

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