Chum has been rehomed 🙂 Please click here to see our dogs which are for rehoming

Chum is a big loving bundle of fun and laughs – “our gentle giant”.

Despite his size he is quite clearly still a puppy at just 1 year old. He is bouncy, loves a cuddle and to play and he makes everyone laugh with his smiley, easy going personality.

He does need a little discipline as with all youngsters as at the moment he has a tendency to jump up at you a lot. He’s a clever boy and is very quick to learn. Within an hour of walking on a lead he pulls much less and learnt to sit.

Chum likes to say hello to everyone he meets and is very friendly with other dogs. We have not tested him with cats buy are 99% sure he would love them as much as he loves everyone and everything.

Chum can be a little skittish with passing traffic but this is because he is not used to busy environments as he has been in a shelter since a puppy. With a little reassurance and of course in a home, Chum would soon adapt to a busier environment.

Chum just needs a little time and patience spent on him and he will be a great family pet he really is such a lovely boy.

Chum must absolutely not spend his life in a shelter, he is such a fantastic boy and would be one of the best family dogs in a home with or without other dogs.








2 years old


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