Better known by the lovely humans who look after me as “Cheeky Chica”, I may be the smallest dog at the shelter but I am full of character and have the boys, especially Buzz and Nero looking out for me.

I think the best way to describe myself is as a bit of a free spirit.  I absolutely love to flirt with all the other dogs and am funny, playful and well yes cheeky.  I dart around, running fast, playfully and every so often stop for a treat from the lovely humans here.  I call them lovely but in general humans aren’t really my favourite thing, I definitely am not a lap dog and don’t really like being stroked or walked on a lead.

Are you reading this and thinking well why adopt me?  Well I will definitely make you laugh a lot, with me and at me, and if you have other dogs, I will fit in really nicely with them.  I will play, be kind to them and follow them, they will give me the confidence I need to enjoy my life and be happy.  Who knows with time and really, really nice treats I may even let you stroke me?  I am a bit of diva and actress after all!!!!








6 years old


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