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Bella, Bella, Bella – At almost 3 years old, Bella as her name says and as the photos show is BEAUTIFUL. But it is not just about what it is on the outside. so let us tell you about her personality.

Bella is intense. What we mean by this is she craves human interaction, strokes, cuddles and kindness.  Bella has oodles of energy that means she needs a good walk, run daily.

Bella is physically strong – she does walk well on a lead but she could really benefit from additional training. Bella responds well to her name and sits when we tell her to.

Bella is house trained and travels well in a car.  She craves love and a good energetic, kind family to share the rest of her life with. She has so much love to give back in return and is one of the soppiest dogs we know.

Bella gets on with male dogs and some females, we have not tested her with cats. We of course can do though. She is used to children and living in a home.

Bella is sterlised, vaccinated, chipped and healthy.








5.5 years old


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