Bamboo has been rehomed 🙂 Please click here to see our dogs which are for rehoming

Bamboo – now let us tell you about Bamboo. We have already posted him many times but sadly still he waits for his home.

If you visited us, you may walk past his kennel and not necessarily notice him. Sadly being a simply nice dog these days isn’t enough… there are too many dogs waiting for their luck to change.

But if you walked past his kennel, you would be missing out on a the chance to build the most wonderful relationship and bond with him. Yes, Bamboo is a boy full of surprises. Once he knows you and trusts you, you will have the most fantastic dog by your side. He smiles a cheeky smile, If you scratch his lower back he puts his head in the air and looks like he is trying to catch flies…. he will want to walk with you, be your companion, be part of your life.

Bamboo is 7 years old, his friend Neve was adopted a few weeks ago and now it is Bamboo’s turn. If you are looking for a relatively calm, simply very very nice, loyal dog who is so worthy of love, warmth and being part of a home then please please consider Bamboo.






Rottweiler cross


8 years old


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