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My name is Ariel, I don’t think has always been my name but despite only being 4 years old, I have endured a lot and now all I desperately want is a home.

I am so well looked after here and I do really like all the dogs here but I long for a home, human and dog company, lots of cuddles, my own bed, a family, a family who love me and think I am beautiful. Children who will throw ball and take me on walks.

I love going on walks, I am really well behaved on a lead and if you stop for a coffee I sit calmly by your side. I am a really sweet size too, about 12 kg and I fit neatly on your lap but am not so small that you will trip over me!

I really am trying to be patient, everyone keeps telling me my day will come when someone will fall in love with me and find my head tilt and cheeky smile adorable. But I am finding being patient hard and when I have to go back to my kennel I cry and feel sad.

I am chipped, sterilised and vaccinated and very healthy.

Please can you help me find a home? I think I deserve to be happy!








5 years old


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